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Girls Society

Our Objectives

The Girls Society is a platform for the female students of the College that enables them to organize on campus female only activities. It helps the female students of the institution to explore their hidden talents as well as discuss, through workshops and seminars, issues primarily relevant to females. The society also organizes workshops that help improve confidence and communication skills of female students.
  • Chairperson: Ms. Nastaeen Fatima, Lecturer
  • Email:

Faculty Advisors

  • Nastaeen Fatima (Chairperson)
  • Muddasira Arshad (Faculty Advisor)
  • Zobia Sohail (Faculty Advisor)
  • Aisha Khan (Faculty Advisor)

Student Executive Body Members List

  • President Sarah Khalid (Bsef12m051)
  • Vice President Mehak Ali (Bitf13m032)
  • General Secteary Sara Saleem (Bcsf12a018)
  • Treasurer Ramshah Sajid (Bsef12m018)
  • Event Co-ordinator Saghira Mughal (Bitf12a057)
  • Media Head Haleema Shahid (Bcsf12a040)
  • Decore Head Kiran Tariq (Bsef13m062)
  • Publicity Head Rida Qamar (Bcsf12m047)
  • Publicity Team Member MaryemIjaz (bsef11m022)
  • Media Team Member Khadija Irshad (bitf13a071)
  • Event Organizer Bushra Nasir (BITF14M045)
  • Event Organizer Jaweria khan (BITF13M011)
  • Event Organizer Fatima Farooq Bhatti (Bitf14m031)
  • Event Organizer Sehar Naqvi (Bsef12m040)
  • Event Organizer Urooj Fatima (BITF14M003)
  • Decore Team Member Maham Heider (Bcsf12a045)
  • Decore Team Member Neelofar Naeem (Bcsf12a007
  • Decore Team Member Aimen Manzoor (Bsef14a029)
  • Decore Team Member Farah Ramzan (Bitf14m007)
  • Decore Team Member Sophia shahid (Bsef12m033)
  • Anchor Person Hira Afzal (Bitf14m015)

Contact us

  • Chairperson: Ms. Nastaeen Fatima, Lecturer
  • Email:
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