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Agile Technologies

Muhammad Hassan Khan

  • Head Agile Technologies (PUCIT)
  • PhD Computer Science (In progress)
  • MPhil Computer Science , PU,2010
  • BS Information Technology, BZU, 2005
  • Programming Languages, Computer Vision and Digital Image Processing
  • Email: Hassankhan@pucit.edu.pk

Muhammad Asim Siddique

  • Webmaster
  • MPhil Computer Science (In-Progress)
  • MSc Ecommerce, PUCIT, 2007
  • Email: webmaster@pucit.edu.pk

Muhammad Tausif Irshad

  • Software Engineer
  • M.Phil Computer Science, GCU Lahore
  • BS Computer Science, IUB
  • Email: m.tuseef@pucit.edu.pk

Sohaib Anwar

  • Software Engineer
  • Master of Science (Information Technology), UOG
  • Email: Sohaib.anwar@pucit.edu.pk


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