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Computer Society

Our Objectives

The main objective of Computer Society is to develop a dynamic team of competitors that can lead PUCIT to the path of excellence in the various areas of information technology. The society is responsible for organizing local and national level seminars, student workshops on current technologies, and other activities, including software competitions, speed programming competitions, Internet gaming contest, and IT quiz competitions.
  • Chairperson: Abdul Khaliq, Assistant Professor
  • Email:

Faculty Board Members

  • Mian Muhammad Mubasher

Student Executive Body Members List

  • MUHAMMAD ASAD SHAKEEL BSEF14M027 President                                    
  • MEMONA SULTAN BSEF15M032 General Secretary                             
  • WARIS ALI  BCSF15M014  Event Manager                          
  • MATIR SARFRAZ BITF14A026 Media Manager                

Student General Body of Computer Society

  • MAHAM AFZALL BCSF15A013 Event Organizer                                    
  • M ATIF SHAHZAIB BITF16A017 Event Organizer                             
  • JAHANZAIB KHAN BCSF15A026  Technical Support                          
  • QURAT-UL-AIN BITF16A035 Technical Support  
  • AREEJ TAIMOOR BCSF17M012 Technical Support                                   
  • MUHAMMAD DANIYAL MANSOOR BSEF14M028 Treasurer                             
  • ANAS RAZA BITF16A022  Decor Team                          
  • BISMA RIZWAN  BCSF17M043 Decor Team  
  • AHSAN ALI BITF17A043 Graphic Designer                             
  • MUHAMMAD ALI SARIB BITF17M011  Logistic Head                          
  • WAQAR GULZAR  BITF17A030 Photographer 
  • AMINA SAIF BITF17A027 Content Writer 

Contact us

  • Chairperson: Abdul Khaliq, Assistant Professor
  • Email:
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