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Literary Society

Our Objectives

Literary Society LS-PUCIT provides platform to the students to showcase their talents. The main objective of this society is to keep the light of literature alive in students. It is involved in variety of activities aimed at building student’s confidence and grooming their flairs.  This society is responsible for arranging different competitions for interested students to exhibit their skills.

Events and Activities

  • Qirat/Naat Competitions
  • Poetry/Baitbazi Competitions
  • Essay writing (Urdu/English)
  • Photography/Short Movie/Videography Competitions
  • Parliamentary Debates
  • Singing/Kalaam Recitation Competitions
  • Calligraphy Competitions
  • Quiz Competitions
  • Spelling Bee Competition

Faculty Board Member

  • Ms. Mehwish Kayani (Faculty Advisor) 
  • Email:

Student Executive Body Members List

  • Bilal Rana President (PUCIT-OC)
  • Usama Yaseen General Secretary (PUCIT-OC)
  • Ismail Sherwani Vice President (PUCIT-OC)
  • Ammaz Shabbir Vice President (PUCIT-NC)
  • Muhammad Usman Event Manager (PUCIT-OC)
  • Seemab Akhtar HR Manager (PUCIT-OC)
  • Tanis Wasif Marketing Manager (PUCIT-OC)
  • Shumail Shahid Information Secretory (PUCIT-OC)
  • Marig Shehzad Event Manager (PUCIT-NC)
  • Eisha Ahmed Information Secretary (PUCIT-NC)
  • Imran Muhammad Marketing Manager (PUCIT-NC)
  • Mahnoor Ejaz Publicity Head (PUCIT-NC)
  • Abdul Moeed Publicity Head (PUCIT-OC)
  • Isra Shafique Content Writer (PUCIT-OC)
  • Huzaifa Hashmi Photographer (PUCIT-OC)
  • Atir Sarfaraz Logistics Head (PUCIT-OC)
  • Ifra Kanwal Anchor Person (PUCIT-OC)
  • Syed Naji Ullah Finance Secretory (PUCIT-OC)
  • Abdul Hanan Graphics Designer (PUCIT-OC)
  • Rida Asif Asst. Décor Head (PUCIT-OC)
  • Usama Amir Media Manager (PUCIT-OC)
  • Jahanzaib Khan  Asst. Publicity Head (PUCIT-OC)
  • Aleena Rashid Asst. Décor Head (PUCIT-OC)
  • Nauman Wajid Décor Head (PUCIT-OC)
  • Muneeb Ahmed HR Manager (PUCIT-NC)
  • Muneeb Ahmed HR Manager (PUCIT-NC)
  • Bakhtawar Mehmood Décor Head(PUCIT-NC)
  • Moazan Ali Graphics Designer (PUCIT-NC)
  • Adil Nadeem  Photographer (PUCIT-NC)
  • Azam Nasir Anchor Person (PUCIT-NC)
  • Anusha Ali Content Writer (PUCIT-NC)
  • Khaliq  Finance Secretory (PUCIT-NC)
  • Farooq Amin Logistics Head (PUCIT-NC)

Contact us

  • Email:
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