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ACM Student Chapter

Our Objectives

PUCIT-ACM Student Chapter aims at providing the solutions to the academic problems. This is not something regarding research society. This is general platform to promote knowledge, awareness and skills among multiple domains. PUCIT ACM is not and cannot be confined to single area of interest. A number of tasks, seminars, competitions and training sessions are being conducted on the platform of PUCIT-ACM Student Chapter.


  • Dr. Syed Masoor Sarwar  (Faculty Sponsor)
  • Fareed Ul Hassan Baig (Faculty Sponsor)
Asad Siddique Chairperson bcsf14m065@pucit.edu.pk
Obaid Feroz Vice Chaiperson bcsf14a025@pucit.edu.pk
Rabee Arain Vice Chaiperson bsef14m523@pucit.edu.pk
Asim Chaudhry Treasurer bcsf15m058@pucit.edu.pk
Syeda Zainab Sajjad General Secretary bitf14m520@pucit.edu.pk
Hamza Mushtaq Marketing Manager bcsf15a004@pucit.edu.pk
Rahat Ali Chapter Coordinator bcsf16m502@pucit.edu.pk
Tehreem Kamran Anchorperson bsef15m025@pucit.edu.pk
Duryab Shams Anchorperson bcsf14a549@pucit.edu.pk
Zainab Ahmed Anchorperson mcsf15m030@pucit.edu.pk
Tayyab Athar Event Manager bsef15m529@pucit.edu.pk
Yasim Iqbal Event Manager bcsf16m510@pucit.edu.pk
Saad Arshad Event Manager bsef16m503@pucit.edu.pk
Noor-ul-ain Event Manager bsef15m503@pucit.edu.pk
Arbab Ashfaq Event Manager bsef15m004@pucit.edu.pk
Wasif Munir Event Manager bsef15m027@pucit.edu.pk
Sheheryaar Event Manager bsef15m024@pucit.edu.pk
Rumaisa  Décor bsef16m538@pucit.edu.pk
Syeda Suroop Décor bsef16a505@pucit.edu.pk
Jannat Awan Décor bsef16a503@pucit.edu.pk
Fatima farooq Décor mcsf16m015@pucit.edu.pk
Asma Munir Décor bsef15m039@pucit.edu.pk
Hamza Shahbaz Publicity bsef15m045@pucit.edu.pk
Uzair ul Haq Khan Publicity bsef15a029@pucit.edu.pk
Hasnat Amer Publicity bsef15a537@pucit.edu.pk
Memoona Publicity bsef15m032@pucit.edu.pk
Shafiq Rana Publicity bsef15m012@pucit.edu.pk
Shahwar Khalid Publicity bsef15m041@pucit.edu.pk
Syed Muhammad Bin Saadat Publicity bsef16a520@pucit.edu.pk
Muhammad Saad Haroon Asst. Treasurer bsef15m013@pucit.edu.pk
Ali Tahir Asst. Treasurer bsef15m520@pucit.edu.pk
Zoya Javed Dept. General Secretary bsef15m008@pucit.edu.pk
Ansha Nawaz Graphic Designer bsef15m001@pucit.edu.pk
Mian Talha Ramzan Photographer bsef15a509@pucit.edu.pk
Syed Wasiq Photographer bitf16a034@pucit.edu.pk
Usama Ubaid Photographer bsef15m015@pucit.edu.pk
Aurangzeb Khan Videographer bitf15a044@pucit.edu.pk

Contact us

  • Where we are? Senior Faculty, Room no. 6
  • Email: pucit.acm@pucit.edu.pk
  • Website: pucit.acm.org
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