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Blood Donors Society

Our Objectives

BDS is a team of highly motivated PUCITians with the sole purpose of connecting the needy patients with potential blood donors. One of our primary objectives is to keep and maintain database of volunteering students who are willing to donate their blood when needed. Our team tries our best to spread awareness among students all across the campus and motivate new donors to register for blood donation every year. For this purpose, an annual blood camp and seminar is held to appreciate top donors from previous years and encourage new ones to contribute in future.

P.S: BDS is an independent society, discretely functional only in PUCIT with no affiliations to any political or non-political outside agendas.

Faculty Board Members

  • Dr. Waheed Iqbal (Chairperson)
  • Ms. Nastaeen Fatima (Faculty Member)
  • Dr. Khurram Shahzad (Faculty Member)

Student Executive Body Members List

  • President(BABM) Muhammad Zubair (BCSF14M029)
  • Vise President(BABM) Ali Asghar (BITF14A011)
  • General Secretary Haseeb Amin (BCSF14M024)
  • Graphic Designer Usman Umer (BCSF14M035)
  • Data Manager(BABM) Aiman Ghaffar (BSEF14A007)
  • Assistant Data Manager(BABM) M. Junaid Ali (BSEF14M040)
  • Assistant Data Manager(BABM) Ali Ahmed Sheikh (BCSF16A017)
  • Finance Manager(BABM) Nabeel Ahsan (BCSF14M022)
  • Assistant Finance Manager(BABM) Abubakar Shoaib Awan (BCSF15A034)
  • Information Secretary(BABM) Hassan Iftikhar (BCSF14A028)
  • Content Writer Sarmad Baloch (BCSF14M066)
  • Publicity Head Zainab Ahmed (MCSF16M030)
  • Assistant Publicity Head(BABM) M. Zaeem Zahid (BCSF16M016)
  • Decor Head Mujeeb-ur-Rehman (BCSF14M062)
  • Décor Member(BABM) Muhammad Shahbaz (BCSF14M026)
  • Décor Member(BABM) Tuseef Arif (BCSF14M043)
  • Event Organizer(BABM) M. Sajawal Khan (BSEF16M017)
  • Event Organizer(BABM) Taimoor Hassan (BSEF16M004)
  • Event Organizer(BABM) Abdul Wajid (BCSF16M020)
  • Event Organizer(BABM) Muhammad Haris (BSEF16A013)

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